ZAQ International provides consultation and advisory services to foreign principals in existing and forthcoming requirements of Pakistan Defence forces and utilization of their products.We maintain close liaison and coordination with End users in precise identification and interpretation of peace, field and operational requirements .

We carry out lobbying with promotional campaigns and also conduct market surveys.We on behalf of our foreign principals conclude procurement, repair, maintenance and TOT contracts with End users.

We represent world’s best proven and certified OEMs in the field of :

  • Troops survival Equipments .
  • Infantry close combat weapon systems .
  • Surveillance equipment.
  • Navigational equipment.
  • Night vision cameras, sights and goggles(Thermal and Image intensifier).
  • Arms, Ammunition, Pistols, Assault and Sniper rifles.
  • Test measuring and diagnostic equipment.
  • CNC machines and heavy cranes all types.
  • Ballistic and composite materials.
  • MRO, structural up gradation in avionics and communication equipment.

They give concrete meaning to our shared sense of stewardship for the buy essays online next generation.